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Lead the integration of your business strategy with the execution of operations and optimize your business with world-class training, knowledge, and processes.

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Protect your investment and maximize ROI offering tailored solutions and world-class training for your needs.

Looking for integration of processes and flawless execution?

ISCM Solutions is your option!

Based on my experience and knowledge, I can offer innovative solutions based on process and people enablement.

As a recognized APICS Instructor for CPIM and CLTD programs, I fully believe that the training is the process of translating the skill from one person to other.


ISCM Solutions is an APICS Channel Partner and part of the biggest network of Supply Chain Management professionals.

Many organizations are looking for more efficient and profitable operation systems, why?

It is all about the creation of wealth! 

What skills are required for any Supply Chain and Operations Management professional? 

The answer is synchronization and collaboration.

In a constantly changing environment, we must protect and promote the flow of relevant information, processes, materials, and cash by reducing waste and risks.

Supply Chain Management professionals should be able to respond and execute at the speed of today’s world changes by being agile and flexible.

Key Success Factors for an integrated and collaborative supply chain

People, Process, and Technology

By enabling the people capabilities and skills to solve different work experiences, organizations should implement collaborative processes to facilitate the integration of the different functions to align and communicate the business objectives with all the organization to ensure flawless execution of operations.

We must give our collaborators, employees, associates, commercial partners, customers, and suppliers the opportunity to become individual winners, in turn, their success will increase the success of the companies, and the success of the companies will increase the creation of wealth for the society. 

Having people well-prepared and process in place, technology should work to facilitate decision making.

ISCM Solutions priority is to support the way to that vision!


ISCM Solutions provides support to the organizations on the integration of the business strategy with the execution of operations through training, assessment, and direction.

Our value proposition is based on 4 main ideas:

  1. Certification programs to provide maximum expertise
  2. Customized solutions
  3. New in the Industry: Demand Driven Institute and APICS Bundles
  4. Accessible price for Independent Professionals (Up to 20%)



External Environment Assessment

Internal Environment Assessment

Definition of Competitive Strategy


Sales and Operations Planning

Resources Requirements Planning

Master Production Schedule

Rough-Cut Capacity Plan

Material Requirements Plan

Capacity Requirements Plan

Inventory Planning


Continuous Improvement Projects

Production Readiness

Production Sequencing and Prioritization


Financial Statement Analysis

Cash Flow Analysis

Capital Investment Analysis

Balanced Scorecard

Operational Dashboard

KPI Tree

APICS Certification Review Workshop

Certified in Production and Inventory Management in Kansas

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Rodrigo Alfaro
Founder And Solutions Expert


I’m Rodrigo Alfaro, an enthusiastic and passionate Supply Chain and Operations Management solutions expert. Originally from Mexico, I completed my B.S. in Industrial and Systems Engineering in 2007 at the Institute of Technology and Higher Education of Monterrey, and I received the Six Sigma Green Belt designation by the Arizona State University. 

Since 2006, I have been in connection with the APICS community and the body of knowledge where I found my passion for the materials management techniques. My vision is that the primary purpose of the supply chain and operations management professionals is to protect and promote the flow of materials, using the world-class manufacturing philosophies: Lean, Six Sigma, Theory of Constraints and Supply Chain Management. When we achieve this vision, then we can become “Agile, Valuable, and Efficient”

During my professional experience in Mexico, I collaborated with TRW Automotive Systems, Kellogg’s, and Bombardier Aerospace, where I have excelled as supply chain management subject matter expert (SME) through the following wins:


Manufacturing Planning and Control Process implementation

Implementation of Sales &Operations Planning and Resource Planning Process

MPS / RCCP Process implementations


Significant inventory reductions using Just-in-Time, Theory of Constraints and Line Balancing concepts

Development of teams focused on planning and execution of supply chain activities


Successful offloads from Canada and Northern Ireland

SAP stabilization

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) development, follow up and improvement

I was invited to co-instruct with the APICS Queretaro Chapter, where I found a deep passion for sharing my knowledge with others and help them apply the new concepts on their jobs.

From May 2016 to April 2017, I successfully led different sessions for the CPIM and CLTD programs.

On April 2017, I received my acceptance to the APICS Instructor Development Program, where I’m approved to train the CPIM and CLTD Programs, the Principles, and Instructor Training.


Bombardier Aerospace Mexico

After meeting the material logistics team in CPIM training the year before, I joined Bombardier Aerospace Mexico in 2009 to perform the materials planning function for the electrical production unit. 

My main responsibilities were to ensure the materials, follow-up the production progress and ensure the on-time delivery to customers.

My achievements included

• Reduced materials shortages by 95%. Partnered with materials planners in Canada to obtain materials to cover 20 warehouse shortages; improved tracking of materials arrival, dispatching, damage, and scrap. 

• Decreased hours late vs. master schedule by 50% via thorough planning and focus on critical activities.

• Cut down extra stock by 28%, equivalent to ~$200,000 (USD), by adjusting BOMs and returning excess materials.

• Executed electrical materials wrong identification project, achieving cost savings of ~$70,000 (USD).

• Maintained 100% on-time delivery record.

• Managed electrical production unit sales and operations planning: achieved 99% production plan accuracy and 97% sales plan accuracy.

In November 2010, I was promoted to the position of Integrated Master Planning Coordinator. Under this role, I took over the Master Planning of Resources  coordinating the sales and operations planning  process for impacting eight aircraft families: five business aircraft programs, three commercial aircraft programs, and three external customers: Airbus, Gulfstream, and MHI.

I developed a group to manage the Master Production Schedule and Detailed Scheduling activities for 628 work centers and more than 1,600 end products, as well as supervising production transfers from Toronto, Montreal and Belfast with more than 400K production hours. I analyzed the ramp-up plan and inventory, learning curve, and manpower required to initiate production.

The IMP Group assessed the current performance of the operations, and provide guidance to achieve the objectives of the company with the use of the KPI’s established by the organization.

I led continuous improvement activities that resulted in inventory reduction of more than $7 million (USD) between 2012 and 2016.


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